How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay

Your conclusion should sum up your main points and emphasize the wider implications of your work. The conclusion should not be too long nor too short, but should balance between recapping your key points and delivering an effective sales pitch. An essay’s conclusion can transform a simple five-paragraph essay into a compelling literary-critical argument. While it’s not enough to save a poor essay, a conclusion can make a weak essay shine.

The conclusion should be the culmination of the whole piece and all other elements should have brought readers to this conclusion. A lot of students are focused too much on the main part of their essays but neglect the most important part of the essay: the conclusion. Because this will assist you to plan your route, it is important to draft your conclusion before you begin writing it. Be sure that your essay must include the evidence that supports your thesis.

The conclusion should not contain new ideas, but it must be linked to the main topic. It should not contain repetitive phrases. Instead, it should present your main arguments and explain the reasons why they are relevant to the topic at hand. The conclusion should be consistent with the tone throughout the paper. If it is not, the reader might wonder why it was necessary to go through the entire essay.

A conclusion that is effective should convey a sense or closure. It shouldn’t end the debate, but rather signal that the discussion has ended. Strong conclusions may also create more questions or open up new possibilities. In the ideal scenario, the conclusion should be linked to the beginning of the essay. The conclusion should connect to the first paragraph. This will make the reader feel more satisfied and more confident about continuing reading. It will also trigger emotions in your reader.

Signposting phrases and reiterations of previous arguments should not be used in the closing. While this is acceptable if you’re writing a short essay, it’s not the best way to introduce new information. It should focus on your arguments. If you want to sell something the conclusion is an effective sales pitch. This is the place to make your impression. These tips will help make your essay stand out from others.

In the final paragraph of your essay, your conclusion is where you connect the major elements of your essay. If your body paragraphs and your introduction were good, your conclusion should reinforce the message. This section of the essay is not considered. Paraphrasing your thesis and important points in your conclusion is an excellent idea. This will make your essay appear professional and sophisticated.

The OWL at Purdue University provides an excellent list of suggestions for writing a successful argument paper. Despite the fact that you must be flexible in order to meet the purposes of your paper It is also important to include an appeal to action or a brief summary of possible research opportunities. If you’re writing about an issue that is controversial or a complicated argument, an eloquent conclusion can help your essay stand out from the crowd.

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